Food Truck Permits

Sioux Center’s Food Truck and Mobile Vendor ordinance provides for a welcoming process for food trucks to operate in the community, promoting safety and continuing fair competition.

The ordinance is effective Aug. 20, 2022, requiring food truck vendors to hold a local permit to operate in Sioux Center. The ordinance helps ensure food trucks are in a location that is safe and appropriate for traffic and pedestrians and lays out general guidelines for requirements such as daily garbage removal.

Vendors can apply for a permit based on their planned length of operation in Sioux Center:

  • Calendar year ($150) 
  • Up to three-day event ($50)
  • Single day event ($25) 

A vendor’s permit will cover all listed and approved locations they plan to be at during those time frames. 


To apply for a Sioux Center permit, visit

Additional information: