Highway 75 Redesign

Our Highway 75 corridor serves as part of the US highway system and as our main street.

We want a corridor that will safely serve our community and visitors, offer safe pedestrian use and welcome travelers to our thriving community.

We are working with the Iowa DOT on a design that would change Highway 75 in Sioux Center to an enhanced 4-lane roadway. This design features two lanes of travel in each direction with medians and a center turn lane. 

Construction is slated for 2023-25, with project completion set for 2026.


  1. Phase 1 Concepts - 2023 Construction

Concept of city streetClick on the above image to see Phase 1 Concepts.

  1. Highway 75 Concept Video 2021
  1. Planned Speed Limits
  1. Preliminary Streetscape Concepts
  1. Preliminary Highway Concepts
  1. Safety
  2. Our Future
  3. Q&A
  4. Your Feedback

Designed for safety

Landscaped medians calm traffic and create a safe zone for pedestrians crossing the street. They also decrease the number of conflict points where traffic turns. Streetscape is being designed with a focus on visibility and safety.

Pedestrian routes and crossings

Rapid-flashing beacons are planned for about 10 pedestrian crossings along Highway 75. Crossings will be painted, and some crossings are planned to have colored concrete in central Sioux Center. Sidewalks are part of the total design, running along the most of the 2.5-mile project. 

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