Fencing Regulations

  1. No fence constructed more than thirty (30) percent solid or more than four (4) feet in height may be located in any front yard. Fences less than four (4) feet in height may be located on any part of a lot. Please reference Zoning Ordinance (PDF) Section 17.4.5. when considering fences in front or side yards.
  2. Except as provided above, fences less than seven (7) feet in height may be erected in any required side or rear yards on those parts of a lot that are setback from the street as far as the main building is from the street. Fences in excess of seven (7) feet will be allowed in the cases of tennis courts and swimming pools.
  3. Fences shall not be closer than six inches (6 inches) to any property line and perennial plantings shall not be planted closer than two and one-half feet (2 1/2 feet) to any property line. Except that perennial plantings may be placed up to the property line by written mutual agreement of both adjacent property owners.
  4. Fences shall not be constructed of non-treated or natural wood products; corrugated tin, metal, or fiberglass; or sheet metal or fiberglass. Fences may be constructed from chain link, non-decomposing wood products, molded plastic or wrought iron. The Planning and Zoning Commission may approve other materials. Fences should be constructed in an orderly and neat manner as to accent and compliment the natural landscape of the property.