Recreation Trail

LocationRecreational Trail

The Sioux Center recreation trail is designed to connect users to parks, schools and neighborhoods. It offers about 7 miles of paved trail for non-motorized use running from north to south through Sioux Center. It includes the 3.2-mile paved trail that connects to the Sandy Hollow Campground. The trail provides safe travel and easy access to parks and recreational areas as well as schools and neighborhoods. You can view a map of the trail (PDF).

Trail users can enjoy a variety of activities including:

  • Bicycling
  • Jogging
  • Rollerblading
  • Walking

Recreational Trail Etiquette

To promote a safe environment for all pathway users, the Sioux Center Parks Department recommends:

  • Avoiding putting yourself or others at risk
  • Keeping dogs on a leash and cleaning up after them
  • Not riding horses on the pathway
  • Passing other users on the left
  • Showing courtesy and respect to other pathway users at all times
  • Using the right side of the pathway
  • Yielding to wheelchairs, no matter who has the right of way

Guidelines for Bike Trail Users


  • Be predictable! Blade straight ahead.
  • Blade at a safe speed.
  • Listen for audible warnings and allow faster pathway users to pass freely.
  • Wear helmets and protective gear.


  • Be especially alert when running.
  • Listen for audible signals and allow faster pathway users to pass freely.
  • Stay to the right.
  • Watch for other pathway users.


  • Be predictable! Ride straight ahead.
  • Give audible warnings when passing pathway users.
  • Ride at a safe speed.
  • Wear a helmet.