More Rental Program Information

What is the Rental Housing Program?

This program sets minimum standards and includes ongoing inspections for all rental housing units in Sioux Center to maintain an acceptable standard of living for residents living in rental properties.

How the Rental Housing Program works:

  • Anyone who rents out a portion or all of a property will register with the City of Sioux Center each year.
  • Each rental property will be inspected once every three years to ensure basic safety and sanitary conditions are met.
  • Rental housing property owners will purchase a rental permit each year with a discounted renewal fee in subsequent years. There will be a penalty for failing to register.

What is the City's Rental Housing Program Policy?

Read the full Rental Housing Program Policy (PDF).

What is considered a rental?

Rental Unit: Any building or portion thereof which is allowed to be occupied by one or more persons as a dwelling space which includes one or more of the following activities: sleeping, eating, or general habitation. As a condition of occupying the space, the renter or renters exchange cash or other valuable considerations for the right to occupy the space

What is the cost to register my property?

The annual registration fee is $25 for each rental property and $5 for each additional unit at that property.

What inspections will be like:

Inspections will focus on items that are life safety issues (such as smoke detectors, improper wiring, gas appliance venting, etc.).

The inspection item check list will be available.

Inspection of properties will be scheduled once every third year, The City does require that the landlord or an adult representing the landlord is present during the inspection

What value does a program like this have?

As the city grows, this program would ensure the proper maintenance of rental units and help the city keep a current data base and contact information for properties.

Landlords see benefits:

  • Ensures all rental housing is kept up to a minimum standard.
  • Would help eliminate unsafe or hazardous rental conditions.
  • Requirements would not be burdensome or unreasonable.
  • Help protect the landlord's investments and maintain property and dwelling values.
  • Gives the landlord an opportunity to enter, inspect, and maintain units.

Renters see benefit as well:

  • Ensures a minimum quality of living.
  • Have a chance to voice their concerns on safe and sanitary housing through a process.
  • Are provided a sanitary, decent, safe rental.