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Application for Sign Permit

  1. Is the sign new or existing?*
  2. A plan must be provided for review before permit application will be approved.

  3. Permit Regulations

    Contractor or Owner will need to provide a plan that is drawn with dimensions; a site plan showing the placement of the sign in relation to the building and property lines; and an elevation plan of the sign. 

    Required inspections include, but not limited to: 1-Footing 2-Rough-In Electrical, 3-Final. To Schedule Inspections call 722-0761. 

    The issuance of this permit is for the work specified in the application filed. Therefore any unauthorized changes or alterations from the aforesaid application or plans will render this permit null and void. All corrections or alterations noted in any addendums issued by this department shall be made a part of the approved plans and shall be performed and incorporated into the work. Iowa highway road ROW is also regulated by the DOT. Owners should verify compliance with the DOT directly. 

    The issuance of this permit shall not be construed as approval to violate any City Ordinance or City Code adopted by the City of Sioux Center. 

    The permit is valid for one year.

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