Smoke Detectors

It is very important that all of your home or businesses smoke detectors are working properly. According to the National Fire Protection Association, 92 percent of all homes in the U.S. have smoke detectors installed, however, one-third of these detectors do not work. A dead or missing battery is the primary cause for smoke detector failure. The Sioux Center Fire Department recommends the following safety tips for smoke detectors.


  • For a wall mount, place 12 inches from the ceiling
  • For a ceiling mount, place at least 12 inches from any wall
  • On high pitch ceilings, place three feet from the highest point
  • Do not install smoke detectors near any window, door, air register or ceiling fan
  • Place at least one smoke detector on each level with a minimum of one detector outside each sleeping area and one detector in each sleeping room


  • Change the battery twice a year or when chirping. We suggest you change the battery in the spring and fall when you change the time on your clock
  • Test your smoke detectors once a month
  • Vacuum the vents in the detector at least once a year
  • Always follow the manufacturers recommendations
  • The National Fire Protection Association recommends that you replace your battery-operated detector every 10 years