Sioux Center Fire Department

About the Department

The Sioux Center Fire Department has two fire stations, seven trucks, and over 40 volunteers. The department provides fire, rescue, and hazardous materials services for the area of Sioux Center and surrounding rural areas. The department also maintains several agreements with surrounding communities to assist each other with major incidents or as needed.

The SCFD also provides proactive prevention services such as site plan reviews and fire safety education.

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Fireworks Display

The Sioux Center Fire Department coordinates the annual fireworks display for the 4th of July. Members are certified pyrotechnicians. Training includes: extensive pyrotechnical and fireworks display operations, vital fireworks safety knowledge, and hands-on actual firing of Commercial Fireworks. Further advanced classes include an in-depth field study of initiating and constructing a large electronic aerial display.

ISO Information

The SCFD is ISO Class 3 rated. The Insurance Services Office (ISO) uses statistics on things like response time, quality of equipment, and water supply to determine a department's rating. Sioux Center's rating is very high for an all-volunteer department and helps to lower insurance premiums for local businesses and commercial accounts.

Mission Statement

To serve, protect, educate, and respect our community through servant leadership, professionalism, collaboration, and stewardship.