Recycling Containers

The City encourages everyone to recycle and provides wheeled recycling containers to our residential customers who choose to participate in the Recycling Program. If you a commercial business, please contact Brommer Sanitation at 722-0631. Below are answers to some questions you may have:

How do I get a recycling container?

  • You can sign up online or call the City Office at 722-0761.

Are there different sizes?

  • Yes, there is a 65 gallon or 95 gallon. The 65 gallon is the same size as your garbage container.

If I find that my new recycling container is too small or too big for my use, can I switch to a different size?

  • Yes, you may switch containers

Where, or how, do I get my new recycling container? Can I pick it up?

  • Recycling containers are delivered to your residence. No, you will not be able to pick up your recycling container

Do I have to pay for my new 65 or 95 gallon recycling container?

  • There will be no additional cost above the normal solid waste fees

If I move, do I take the recycling container with me?

  • No, as with the solid waste containers, each container will be numbered and assigned to a specific residence

What are the recycling container dimensions?

  • Dimensions for the new recycling care shown below:
GallonHeight (measurements in inches)
Width (measurements in inches)Depth (measurements in inches)

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