Billing & Payment Info

Account History & Hourly Use

View your online account history and hourly useYou can also use this site to make a utility payment.

Ways to pay your bill:

1. By mail - send it to City of Sioux Center, 335 1st Ave. NW, Sioux Center, IA, 51250.

2. By phone - call us at (712) 722-0761, Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

3. In person or by drop box at the City Office,  335 1st Ave. NW, Sioux Center, IA, 51250.

4. Automatic withdrawal - see information below.

5. Pay online - see information below.

Pay Online:

Visit to make your online payment. Click on "Utility Billing" at the top to either make a "Quick Pay" payment or to Login to your Online Account (see information above). 


If you would like to have your utility bill e-mailed, rather than receive a paper copy, email billing with your name, address and account number if available.

Automatic Withdrawal

Sign up for Automatic Withdrawal to eliminate the need to write a check for utility services and assure that payments are made on time. With Automatic Withdrawal, the utility bill is automatically deducted from an authorized checking account around the bill due date. Normal due date is the 20th; however, if this date falls on the weekend, payment will be deducted on Friday (if on Saturday) or Monday (if on Sunday). Automatic Withdrawal customers receive a monthly utility statement, and participants’ bank statements will show the utility payment deduction.

Customers interested in this free service need to complete an authorization form for the bank transactions. The forms are available at the City Office located at 335 1st Avenue NW. You can also download a printable version (PDF) of this form, fill it out, and send it with a voided check or savings deposit slip to: 

Sioux Center Municipal Utilities
335 1st Avenue NW
Sioux Center, IA 51250

How to Read Your Utility Bill

Customers receive a single monthly bill that itemizes charges for all Sioux Center Municipal Utilities (SCMU) services. Download a sample bill with notes explaining each section.

Budget Billing

Budget Billing is a free service that aids in financial planning. This is accomplished by dividing a customer’s estimated annual utility charges into 12 equal payments. This designated amount is billed each month regardless of the customer’s actual usage. In order to achieve the most accurate budget billing amount, SCMU highly recommends that customers have 12 months of usage history before signing up for this service. For more information, call the City Office at 712-722-0761 during regular business hours 7:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Customer Rights and Remedies

If you receive a notice that says your bill is past due and service will be shutoff, a list of responsibilities and remedies (PDF) can be referenced.

Utility Release Form

In order for a third party to view a customer’s utility account information, this form (PDF) will need to be completed.