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Children's Park


  1. Disc golf course
  2. Enclosed shelter house
  3. Open shelter house
  4. Picnic tables
  5. Restrooms
Shelter Houses
This 17-acre park contains two playground areas and open four shelter houses. The accessible, climate-controlled enclosed shelter has tables and chairs to seat 110 people comfortably and has a sink, stove, fridge, serving area and inside bathrooms.
Cost to rent:
Full Day (9am-11pm): $300 + $100 deposit
Morning (9am-3pm): $150 + $100 deposit
Evenings (3pm-11pm): $200 + $100 deposit

There are two other open shelters with picnic tables to seat 40-60 people. All have lights and electric outlets. You can reserve by calling (712) 722-4386 or online. (Online reservations must be booked a week in advance).

Additional Amenities
This park boasts many mature trees but also has several open areas available. There is a trail head for the 7 miles of recreational trail with parking available. A 9-hole disc golf course is also available.