Economic Development Policies

Goal: Economic Development
Encourage economic development through business attraction, retention, entrepreneurship, and expansion that will benefit the community by providing a diverse economy, new employment opportunities, and a balanced tax base.

Economic development plays a vital role in improving the quality of life of the City. To encourage economic development opportunities, Sioux Center should encourage private investment within the community, assist in providing employment that offers quality jobs, assist in providing employment centers and improve the quality of life for its' citizens.

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  • Utilize Sioux Center's strengths of affordability, work ethic, family friendly environment, and other quality of life amenities as a tool to attract quality jobs.
  • Achieve a balanced mix of commercial and residential development to promote fiscal sustainability and ensure that tax revenues are sufficient to support public services provided to the residents of Sioux Center.
  • Reinforce existing employment districts to ensure Sioux Center's strong economy. Promote Districts that will contribute to Sioux Centers' overall economic vitality, environmental quality, and community character. Encourage the establishment of District clean industries that have little or no negative impact on the area's environment.

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  • Explore future opportunities related to development of an expanded community event center and animal health/agri-business campus to encourage private investment and to future employment opportunity.