Tree Walk, Arboretum & Orchard

The Heritage Village tree walk features more than 60 varieties of trees. Initial tree plantings were done at the time of the centennial in 1992. A map of the tree walk showing the varieties and locations of trees is available online or at the city office. 

Trees are labeled showing their common and scientific names. All of the trees have been donated. Many have been donated in memory of family members or by persons interested in trees. All trees have been planted by volunteers. Contact Ron Oostra (712-441-7747) for a guided tree walk.

Behind the Klein residence is an orchard. Early settlers depended on their orchards to provide fruit since refrigeration was not available.  At the Heritage Festival an apple press donate by Bud Vogelzang is used to make apple cider.


There are perennial gardens in various places in the village especially around the Klein House.  Recently a butterfly garden was planted.  The perennial gardens are maintained by volunteers.

Behind the Klein house is a vegetable garden.  Early settlers relied on home grown vegetables for both fresh vegetables and for canning so they would have vegetables available throughout the winter months.

Trees in autumn