Posted on: January 11, 2017

Wastewater Engineering Contract Approved

Design work will begin soon on Sioux Center’s new wastewater treatment plant.


The Sioux Center City Council approved a nearly $1.2 million contract Wednesday for the design of the community’s new wastewater plant .


The contract authorizes engineering firm Bolton & Menk, to design the plant, which will be built to meet new, more stringent standards from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.


"Bolton & Menk is a regional engineering firm with extensive experience dealing with wastewater plant upgrades in Iowa and the Midwest," said Sioux Center Utility Manager Murray Hulstein.


Kris Swanson, of Bolton & Menk, spoke to the council about the new Wastewater Treatment Facility Plan, which outlines the processes that will be used to treat wastewater.


Swanson has been working with the city during the planning stages. He said the plan is to have the new plant up and running by July 2020.


The new plant will likely be built near the existing plant, east of the intersection of 13th Avenue and 20th Street SE.


Estimates for new construction and using some structures of the existing plant run around $23-28 million.


Building a new plant will be more cost effective than updating Sioux Center’s 40-year-old plant to a level that can meet the standards, according to engineer estimates.


Major industrial users will be asked to participate in the cost of constructing the wastewater plant according to each industry’s usage.


Residential and commercial customers will also participate in the cost via their monthly sewer bill. Early estimates show that residential and commercial customers could see their wastewater bill increase by up to more than 100 percent.


The City of Sioux Center’s sanitary sewer system collects and treats wastewater produced by more than 2,000 residential, commercial and industrial customers.

Wastewater treatment plant

Sioux Center's current wastewater treatment plant, at the northeast edge of the community, will be mostly replaced with a new facility in order to meet new, more stringent Iowa DNR standards. 

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