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  1. Open House Set for October 20 4:00-7:00 pm at Terrace View Event Center

    An informational open house on the Highway 75 Improvement Project will be held at the Terrace View Event Center on Tuesday, Oct. 20th, from 4:00 - 7:00 pm. There will be no formal presentation, but Sioux Center residents are welcome to ask questions. Read on...
  2. KCAU-TV Features Highway Improvement Vote

    "What we really need is an affirmation from the community that we're on the right track and we want to proceed with this project." says Paul Clousing, Sioux Center's City Manager. See video below. More ...
  3. Council Schedules Nov. 3 Vote on Highway 75

    Go to Highway 75 Information for Mayor Walstra's letter explaining the city council's decision to bring this project to a vote.
  4. Highway 75 - Study Completed & Reports Available

    As the City of Sioux Center continues to assess the long-term needs of the Highway 75 corridor, a study was commissioned to research traffic safety issues, as well as potential enhancements to address increasing traffic volumes. Read on...
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  1. Recreation Trail Extended to Regency Park

    pavingmachine3 (2)

    Thanks to the City of Rock Valley for lending us their custom paving machine to complete this project.

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  3. Sioux Center: Growing Bright

    Learn the "secret" to Sioux Center's success by viewing this 10-minute video.